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Based on rich tradition and oustanding suitability of Bosnian beechwood, our company has developed a proposals for various industrial markets around the world in volume of 80.000m3 annualy in various specifications of wood.
This is how we describe our mission: We offer quality wood at a given price - in time and place by customers choice!
In order to comply with our customer`s expectations, mission has developed distribution points throughout Balkan and the Adriatic ports as well as special quality graduation system, which assists the customers to obtain - easily and with no mistake - the best possible wood for the price they are paying, with zero defect.

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Bosnian Beechwood

The GENENA product graduation system will enable customers who know their needs to optimize their purchase and select the exact product tailored for them.
Our beechwood products are available edged and unedged. Products are thermally processed according to customer`s guidance, light steamed or strongly steamed.
Thickness 50mm wide 8cm+ and long 50cm< regularly are available. Thickness is 23/38/60mm on demand.

years of experience
millions cbm delivered
different locations

Selected Products

GENENA material contain no cracks on the surface and has a fine texture. The boards are healthy and always solid, uniformly steamed and of reddish color.

Allowed shortcomings

  • Small knots on the worse side
  • One small knot on 2mm lenght
  • One large knot on surface of board wider than 20cm
  • Pale red heart on board`s worse side, provided it does not cover more than 1/3 of board`s thickness
  • Storage stains, provided they are less than 1mm deep or up to 2mm on one of the sides
  • 3% curvature of board`s length
  • Cracks on one or both board edges if a crack`s length does not exceed the board`s width
  • Cracks on the worse side provided they don`t penetrate 1/10th of board`s width
  • Through-shaped boards in the amount of 3%
  • Side incline is allowed on boards as wide as 20cm+ than one-third the thickness of the boards - to be without bark


  • Dark core is not allowed
  • There can be 15% of 10-12cm wide boards
  • Boards of this quality are wide as follows: supershort 050-090 8cm+, edged 10cm+, semi-edged 14cm+, unedged 15cm+






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